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Mumbai  is that the capital town of the Indian state of geographical's the foremost thickly settled town in Asian nation, second most thickly settled metropolitan space in Asian nation,and therefore the fifth most thickly settled town within the world, with associate degree calculable town population ofeighteen.4 million and metropolitan space population of twenty.7 million as of 2011in conjunction with the urban areas, as well as the cities of Navi urban center, Thane, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, it's one in all the foremost thickly settledurban regions within the world. urban center lies on the West Coast of Asian nation and encompasses a deep natural harbour. In 2009, urban center was named associate degree alpha world townit's conjointly the wealthiest town inAsian nation and has the very best GDP of any town in South, West or Central Asia.The seven islands that came to represent urban center were home to communities of fishing colonies. for hundreds of years, the islands were below the management of ordered autochthonic empires before being ceded to the Portuguese and afterwards to Brits Malay Archipelago Company. throughout the mid-18th century, Bombay was reshaped by the Hornby Vellard project conjunction with construction of major roads and railways, the reclamation project, completed in 1845,remodeled Bombay into a serious harbor on the Arabian SeaBombay within the nineteenth century was characterisedby economic and academic development. throughout the first twentieth century it became a powerful base for the Indian independence movement. Upon India's independence in 1947 town was incorporated into Bombay State. In 1960, following the Samyukta geographical area movement, a replacement state of geographical area was created withBombay because the capital. town was renamed urban center in 1996.

Girgaon Chaupati', unremarkably referred to as simply Chaupati (pronounced as chow-patty), isone in all the foremost celebrated public beaches neighboring Marine Drive within the Girgaon space of metropolis, India. The beach is known for Ganapati Chaturthi celebrations once many folks from everywhere metropolis return to immerse the idols of Lord Ganapati within the Arabian Seait's conjointly one in all the numerous places within the townwherever the Ramlila is performed on a stage each yearassociate degree simulacrum of Ravan, that's erected on the sand, is burnt by the tip of the 10-day performance. One will realize many bhelpuri, panipuri, ragda patties and pav bhaji vendors on the beach.On the road running on the beach, the lone extant terrorist of the 26/11 attacks, Ajmal Kasab was caught and in remission. A bronze sculpture of Tukaram Omble, the cop United Nations agency helped nab Kasab was erected on 26/11/11.

The pilgrim Ali Dargah may be a place of worship associated dargah (tomb) settled on an isle off the coast of Worli within the Southern a part of metropolisclose to the center of the towncorrect, the dargah is one amongst the foremost identifiable landmarks of metropolis.
An exquisite example of Indo-Islamic designrelated to legends concerning doomed lovers, the dargah contains thetopographic point of Sayed Peer pilgrim Ali monarch Bukhari.
The Dargah Sharif is constructed on a small isle settled five hundred meters from the coast, within the middle of Worli Bay,within the locality of Worli. The structure may be a sensible specimen of the Indo-Islamic sort of design. Theisle is joined to the town city district of Mahalakshmi by a slim causeway, that is almost a metric linear unit (0.62 mile) long.
The accessibility to the dargah is incredibly abundant obsessed on the tides. As, the causeway isn't sure by railings,once the causeway gets submerged throughout tide it becomes inaccessible[citation needed]. Therefore, the dargah is accessible solely throughout tide. This walk on the causeway, with the ocean on each side, is one amongst the highlights of a visit to the shrine.
The painted structure occupies a region of a marble court contains the central shrine. The topographic point at intervals the place of worship cowled|is roofed} by a decorated red and inexperienced chador (tomb cover sheet). it'ssupported by associate exquisite silver frame, supported by marble pillars. the most hall has marble pillars embellished with inventive mirror work: blue, green, yellow chips of glass organized in changeable patterns interspersed with Arabic patterns that spell the ic names of Allah. As per the Muslim traditions separate praying rooms for women and gents ar provided here to pay their respects. throughout the tide, the dargah looks fully isolated with no access. it'sadditional sort of a very little island.

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