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Fateh Sagar Lake is settled within the town of Udaipur within the Indian state of Rajasthan. it's a synthetic lake named when Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar, made north-west of Udaipur, to the north of Lake Pichola within the 1680s.It is one among the four lakes of the Udaipur city; the opposite 3 being: the Lake Pichola (within the Udaipur town), Udai Sagar Lake, thirteen kilometres (8.1 mi) to the east of Udaipur, and Dhebar Lake or Jaisamand Lake, fifty two kilometre (32 mi) south east of Udaipur.

Within the reach of the FTO Sagar Lake, there square measure 3 little islands; the biggest of those is that the solon Park (4 km2 (1.5 sq mi) area), that may be a well-liked traveler attraction, the second island (0.06 km2 or fifteen acres area) homes a public park with a powerful water-jet fountain, and therefore the third island (1.2 km2 area) is that the address for the Udaipur star Observatory (USO). The solon park is accessible by inboard motor boats.

The blue waters of the lake and therefore the background of the inexperienced mountains has given the denomination of ‘the second Kashmir’ to Udaipur .Udaipur Lake Conservation Society’s reports indicate that the lake supports and sustains water recharge, potable, agricultural use, industrial use, ecological water availableness and provides employment to hr population of Udaipur.

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Tannot Mata may be a temple in western State of Rajasthan in District Jaisalmer of Asian nation. As per the oldest Charan literature Tannot Mata is new a twin of divine divinity Hinglaj Mata, and than once Tannot Mata becomes Karni Mata, And referred to as divinity Of Charan's. Tannot primarily The village is on the point of the border with Pakistan, and is incredibly on the point of the battle web site of Longewala of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, so some credit the temple for the end result of the battle.

Tourists cannot transcend this temple to envision the Indo–Pak Border unless one gets the relevant documentation prior to from the District and Military Authorities. it's currently a traveller destination in Asian nation. the realm is claimed to possess oil and gas reservesIt is claimed that in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Pakistani Army born many bombs targeting the temple however none of the bombs may fall on the temple and huge range of the bombs within the neighbourhood of the temple failed to explode. once the war the temple management was two-handed over to frame force of Asian nation. 
On date Border force Jawans man the temple. The temple encompasses a repository that has collections of the loaded bombs born by Pakistan. As per Indian Census, The Population of Tanot Village is forty nine2 Persons having 49 unit.[3] The place is on the point of the Pakistan border, associate sterilised land, and is vulnerable to enemy attacks. The governments of each countries have planted land mines within the space. Animals like artiodactyl mammal or Bos taurus ar the worst sufferer of those devices.

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Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Jog Falls, Gerosoppa Falls or Joga Falls is that the ordinal highest body of water in Republic of India set close to Sagara taluk within the state of Karnataka.It is a metameric body of water thatbetting on rain and season, becomes a plunge body of water. The fallsarea unit a serious holidaymaker attraction and is graded thirteenth within the world by the body of water infothey're conjointlyreferred to as the Gersoppa Falls or Jogada Gundi.The falls area unit set on the Uttara Kannada and Sagara border.Jog Falls is formedby the Sharavathi watercourse dropping 253 m , creating it the second-highest plunge body of water in Republic of India once the Nohkalikai Falls with a drop of 335 m in Meghalaya.Sharavathi, a watercourse that rises at Ambutirtha, next to Nonabur, within theThirthahalli taluk and takes the
Jog Falls
northwesterly course by Fatte petta, receives the Haridravati on 
the correct below Pattaguppe and therefore the Yenne Hole on the left higher than Barangi. On inward at the frontier it bends to the west, precipitates itself down the Falls of Gersoppa, and passes that village , that is a few twenty nine kilometres distant, discharging into the ocean at Honnavar in Northgeographical region.The Sharavati, flowing over a really rocky bed regarding 250 yards wide, here reaches an amazing gap, 290 m deep, and therefore the water comes down in four distinct falls. The Raja Fall pours in one unbroken column sheer to the depth of 830foot . Halfway down it's encountered by the screecher, another fall, that precipitates itself into a colossal cup then rushes violentlydownward at AN angle of forty-five degrees to fulfill the Raja. a 3rd fall, the Rocket, shoots downward in an
Jog Falls
 series of jets;whereas the fourth, the Rani, moves quietly over the mountain facet in an exceedingly sheet of froth. The touristry Department hasdesigned steps from the perspective to the lowest of Capitol Hill wherever the body of water is seen at the alternative facet. Therearea unit or so 1400 steps designed to achieve the lowest of Capitol Hill.A Rock climber: Jyothi dominion has scaled the jog falls. Joga could be a Kannada signified falls. several Kannada speakers close to Sahyadri Mountains adore in Yellapura region still use the word Joga to mean falls. The word Joga is also involving or a spinoff of Kannada word javugu which implies marsh.

Jog Falls