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Dal Lake may be a lake in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and geographic area. The urban lake, that is that the second largest within the state, is integral to commercial enterprise and recreation in geographic area and is called the "Jewel within the crown of Kashmir"or "Srinagar's Jewel".The lake is additionally a vital supply for industrial operations in fishing andhydrophytic plant gathering
The shore line of the lake, is 
regarding fifteen.5 kilometres is encompassed by a streetlined with Mughal era gardens, parks, houseboats and hotels. Scenic views of the lake is witnessed from the shore line Mughal gardens, like Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh designed throughout the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir[nd from houseboats cruising on the lake within the vibrantshikarathroughout the winter season, the temperature generally reaces At present, the metric capacity unit Lake and its Mughal gardens, Shalimar Bagh and therefore the Nishat Bagh on its boundary area unit undergoing intensive restoration measures to completely address the intense eutrophication issues experienced by the lake. large investments of around US$275 million (INR eleven billion) is being created by the govt of Asian country to revive the lake to its original splendourDal Lake is that the ancient lake of geographic area
Dal lake is mentioned as Mahasarit n ancient 
Indic texts. Ancient history records mention that a village named Isabar to the east of metric capacity unit Lake was the residence ofgod Durga.[citation needed] This place was called Sureshwari on the bank of the lake, that was sourced by a spring known as the Satadhara.
During the Mughal 
amount, the Mughal rulers of Asian country selected geographic area, Srinagar specifically, as their summer reseath of Aurangzeb in 1707, that crystal rectifierto the disintegration of the Mughal Empire,[ Pashtun tribes within the space round the lake andtown redoubled, and therefore the Durrani Empire dominated town for many decadesaja Ranjit Singh to his kingdom, and therefore the Sikhs grew in influence within the region for twenty seven years.[15][16]It are developed. One version is that it's the remnants of a post-glacial lake,that has undergone forceful changes in size over the years and therefore the different theory is that it's of stream origin from associate previous flood spill channel or ox-bows of the Jhelumwatercourse.The nerve fiber emptying pattern of the construction signifies that its rock strata have low levels of consistence. Lithologically, a range of rock sorts are discernedspecifically, igneous, metamorphic and substance. The Dachigam Telbal Nallah system is conjectured to follow 2 major lineaments. Discontinuous surfaces seen within the tract area unitattributed to the angular and parallel emptying pattern. The water level cuts hill slopes, that isproven by the incidence of diverse springs within the vale. seismal activity within the vale is recorded beneath Zone V of the seismal partition Map of Asian country, the foremost severe zone wherever frequent damaging earthquakes of intensity IX may be expected. within the year 2005, geographic area vale experienced one amongst the severe earthquakes measured atseven.6 on the Richter's scale, that resulted in deaths and therefore the destruction of the manyproperties, exploit several homeless.[11][22]The shallow, open-drainage lake is fed by Dachigam-Telbal Nallah (with perennial flow), Dara Nallah ('Nallah' means that "stream") and lots of differenttiny streams. The lake is assessed as 'warm monomictic' beneath the sub-tropical lake class. Spring sources conjointly contribute to the flow, though no specific knowledge is out there to quantify their contribution. to handle this, water balance studies to analyse and assess the characteristics of flow are conducted so as to approximate the discharge contributed by the springswithin the bottom. The advanced land use pattern of the vale is mirrored within the urbanSrinagar in its north, with rice fields, orchards and gardens within the lower slopes, and barren hillson the far side steep sloping hills. The flat topography conjointly has an impression on emptyingconditions. It receives a mean annual precipitation of 655 millimetres withi theconstruction, however throughout the summer, snow soften from the upper ranges oftheconstruction leads to giant inflows i1973ascertained come Telbal Nallah has been calculable as 113 metres3/s.e typical annual flow, per discharge measurements, has been calculable as 291.9 million cuboidal metres, with Telbal Nalah accounting for eightieth of the full and 2 hundredth contributed by different sources. The silt load has been calculable at eighty,000 tonnes p.a. with seventieth contribution from the Telabal nallah, with 36,000 tonnes recorded as subsidence within the lak There area unit 2 retailers from the lake, specifically the Dalgate and swayer Khan Nallah that connects the lakes of Nagin and Anchar Lake. Dalgate is controlled by a weir and lock system. The outflow from these 2 retailers has been calculable as 275.6 million cuboidal metres.

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