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Lonavla concerning this sound pronunciation (help·info) or Lonavala may be acity and a hill station Municipal Council in Pune district within the Indian state of geographic area.it's concerning sixty four metric linear unit off from town of Pune, ninety six kilometres from town of Bombayit's noted for its production of the candy chikki[2] and is additionally a significant stop on the railway line connecting Bombay and Pune. From the Bombay suburbs, nativetrains square measure offered from Karjat. each the Mumbai-Punepike|superhighway|throughway|thruway|highway|main road} additionally because the Mumbai-Chennai highway meet up with Lonavla..Lonavla is additionally home to INS Shivaji (formerly HMIS Shivaji) that is that the Indian Navy's Premier Technical coaching Institute.The name Lonavla derives from Len (Prakrit, A resting placeinscribed from stone) and Avali (Prakrit, series). Lonavli in Prakrit may be a place that encompasses a series of such Len around it.[3]Present day Lonavla was a locality of the Yadava family. Later, the Mughals accomplished the strategic importance of the region Associate in Nursingunbroken the region for an extended time. The forts within the region and also the "Mavla" warriors compete a vitalrole within the history of the Maratha and Peshwa empires.[4] In 1871, the Lonavla and Khandala hill stations were discovered by Lord Elphinstone, UN agency was the Governor of metropolisPresidency at the time.[5]Lonavla and also the adjacent Khandala square measure twin hill stations 622 metres (2,041 ft) on top of water levelwithin the Sahyadri ranges that demarcate the Deccanhighland and also the Konkan coast. Capitol Hill stations sprawl over Associate in Nursingapproximate space of thirty eight sq. kilometres (15 sq mi). touristry peaks throughout the monsoon season. The name Lonavla springs from the Indic lonavli, that refers to the numerous caves like Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedsa that square measure near Lonavla. a visit to Lonavla and Khandala are often combined with sight-seeing visits of Karla, Bhaja and Bedsa caves and conjointlythe 2 fortresses, Lohagad and Visapur. Another place of interest is that the Tungi fort, one in every ofthe forts captured
leader Ahmad close to the village of Karjat and was noted for its natural strength.onavla is connected by train. native trains run from Pune at a pair of hour intervals. Those originating from Bombay on the central line have Khopoli as their last station. Buses square measureoffered at regular intervals to complete the remaining fifteen metric linear unit of the journey to Lonavla from Khopoli terminus. It takes 2.5 hours by train from Bombay and one to one.5 hour from Pune. All trains, whether or not move from Bombay to Pune or Pune to Bombay, halt at Lonavla. Trains from Bombay halt at Karjat to connect banker locomotives before the train starts its journey up the western ghats to succeed in Lonavla.Lonavla doesn't have Associate in Nursing fieldtho' the Indian Air Force station, Troppo, is settled on the thanks to Aamby natural depression towntown of Aamby natural depression has its own non-public fieldthe closest business airports square measure Pune International field at sixty four metric linear unit and Chhatrapati Shivaji Internationalfield at 104 km[8]Rajmachi purpose is found concerning vi.5 metric linear unit from Lonavla. this time commands a read of Shivaji's celebrated fort, Rajmachi (Royal terrakouioce) and also theencompassing natural depression. Regular State Transport buses ply between Rajmachi purposeand Lonavla from the State Transport Bus Stand. The celebrated Vaghjai Dari is additionally sethere.This is an in depth garden settled in Lonavla. The garden covers plenty of ground and it'schoked with tall trees. there's Associate in Nursing recent Shiva temple within the park. The garden has many place for youngsters to play.Valvan Dam encompasses a garden at its foot, andmay be a widespread evening spot a pair of metric linear unit from the city. The dam provideswater to the Khopoli powerhouse at the foothills of the Sahyadris for generating electricity. The Kundaliwatercourse feeds into the dam's reservoir.Tiger's Leap conjointly called Tiger's purpose may be acliff-top with a sheer drop of over 650 m, giving an in depth read. Buses square measure offered up to I.N.S. Shivaji and also the remaining distance of concerning one.6 metric linear unit must becoated on foot.
Just around tiger's leap, there's atiny low body of water active solely throughout the monsoon. It serves the aim of restful within the water higher than Bushy dam, because the force of the autumnis higher. Also, when the temporary steep descent, the autumn becomes a stream with a goodquantity of force to travel all the manner right down to the bottom of the Tiger's Leap. Adventurerswill trek down the stream while intermittently stepping back ashore wherever the water current is simply too sturdy and also the fall is steep.


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