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Chandigarh might be a city and a union territory at intervals the northern a locality of India that's the capital of the states of region and Haryana . As a union territory, city is dominateddirectly by the Union Government of India and is not a locality of either state. the town|the town|town} of Chandigarh wasthe first planned town in India post-independence in 1947 and was known internationally for its styleand concrete vogue.The programme of city wasready by Charles Edouard Jeanneret, transformedfrom associate earlier organize by the yankplanner aristocrat prince consort Mayer. Most of the government. buildings and housing at intervals the city, however, is supposed by the Chandigarh Capital Project Team headed by capital of SD Jeanneret, Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry.The city ace the list of Indian States and Union Territories by per capita gain at intervals thecountry.[6] city wasrumored to be the cleanest in India in 2010, supported a national government study,and therefore the the} territory additionally headed the list of Indian states and territories in line with Human Development Index The metropolitan of Chandigarh-Ajitgarh-Panchkula along forms a Tri-After the Partition of Indiain 1947, the previous British province of space|geographical area|geographical region|geographic region|region} was in addition split between east region in India and westgeographic area in MuslimRepublic of Asian country. The Indian region required a fresh capital city to modify Lahore, that became a locality of Muslim Republic of Pakistanthroughout the partition.[10] The name Chandigarh,meaning "the Fort of Chandi", comes fromChandi Mandir, associate ancient temple dedicated to the Hindu immortal Hindu deitynear townin Panchkula.
Chandigarh hosts the foremost necessary of disease Corbusier's many Open Hand sculptures, standing twenty six metres high. The Open Hand (La Main Ouverte) might be acontinual motif indisease Corbusier's stylea proof for him of "peace and reconciliation. it's hospitable offer and hospitable receive." It represents, what Charles Edouard Jeanneret named as, the 'Second Machine Age'. but, a pair of of the six monuments planned at intervals the Capitol advanced that has theassembly, the Assembly and additionally the Secretariat,stay incomplete. These embrace Geometric Hill and Martyrs Memorial; drawings were made; their execution, however, was never completelyaccomplished once starting are available 1956.
On one New Style calendar month 1966, the recently intentional state of Haryana was sliced out of the Japanese portion of regionthus on kind Haryana as a majority Haryanvi-speakingindividuals, whereas the western portion of geographicarea preserved a for the most part geographic areai language-speaking majority and remained as a result of this state of Punjab. Chandigarh was assaultthe border of every states and additionally the states affected to incorporate city into theirvarious territories. However, city of Chandigarh was created into a union territory to functioncapital of everystates.The run batted in hierarchal Chandigarh as a result of the twelfth largest deposit centre and tenth largest credit centre nationwide as of New Style calendar month 2012.The government might bea serious leader in Chandigarh with three governments having their base here.a major share of Chandigarh’s population thus consists of people UN agency ar
eitheroperating for one in 
each of those governments or have retired from government service. For this reason, Chandigarh is oftennamed as a “Pensioner's Paradise”. Ordnance Cableindustrial plant of the Ordnance Factories Board has been established by the government. of Bharat. There ar regarding fifteen medium to hugeindustries at the side of a pair of at intervals the general public sector. in addition Chandigarh has over 2500 units registered below small-scale sector. The vitalindustries ar paper manufacturing, basic metals and alloys and machinery. completely different industries arregarding foodstuffhygienicalware, auto parts, machine tools, prescription drugs and electrical appliances. Yet, with a per capitagain of rupee image.svg 99,262, Chandigarh is that therichest city in India.Chandigarh's gross state domestic product for 2004 is estimated at billion in current prices.Three major trade promotion organisations have their offices in Chandigarh. These are: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & trade, (FICCI) the pH.D. Chamber of Commerce and trade(PHDCCI) and additionally the Confederation of Indian trade (CII) that has its regional headquarters at Sector thirty one, Chandigarh.Chandigarh IT Park (also known as Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park) is that the city'sconceive to entered the data technology world. Chandigarh's infrastructure, proximity tourban center, Haryana, region and Himachal Pradesh, and additionally the IT talent pool attracts IT businesses searching for geographic point space at intervals the area. Major Indian firmsandinternational companies like Quark, Infosys, Dell, IBM, TechMahindra, have established base at intervals the city and its suburbs. in line with a 2014 survey, Chandigarh is hierarchal ninth at intervals theprime fifty cities famed globally as "emerging outsourcing and IT services destinations" previouscities like capital.[22]There ar varied education institutions in Chandigarh. Thesevary from in camera and publically operated schools to varsities and additionally the Panjab University.differentinstitutions ar Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and analysis (PGIMER), Govt Medicalcollege & Hospital, region Engineering college Deemed University, Govtfaculty for Men, Govt collegefor girls, DAV college, MCM DAV college for girls, Sri Guru Gobind Singh faith College-26, Govtmedical aid college, Ayurvedic college, Govt Polytechnical college, Govt Home Science college, Dr Ambedkar Institute of building management etc.These institutions ar associate outsized draw for school youngsters from around the world.
According to Chandigarh administration's department of education, there ar a whole of 107 governmentschools in Chandigarh.]Chandigarh has the foremost necessary style of vehicles per capita in India.] Wide, well maintained roads and parking areas all over city ease nativetransport.The Chandigarh Transport enterprise operates conveyance buses from its lay to rest State Bus Terminals in Sectors sev enteen and forty 3 of city. CTU in addition operates frequent bus services to the shut states ofregion, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and tourban center. Chandigarh is well connected by road byprovince twenty 2 (Ambala - Kalka - Shimla - Khab, Kinnaur) and province twenty one Chandigarh - LehChandigarh depot lies at intervals the Northern Railway zone of the Indian Railway network and supplyproperty to major Indian cities like metropolis, Mumbai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Indore, Trivandrum and Amritsar. It in addition links completely different cities like Ambala, Kollam, battle of battle of Panipat and Kalka.Chandigarh field has regular business flights to major cities of India at the side of metropolis, Mumbai, Indore, Jaipur and Srinagar. a freshinternational terminal is belowconstruction. Flights ar offered to Kullu-Manali in addition with vary Bulls.
The Chandigarh tube Rail might be a projected tube rail to serve city and expected to beginoutoperating by 2018 at the facet of the extension of city tube and projected Indore tube.

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