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The Ujjayanta Palace could be a former royal palace of the Tripura  settled in Agartala, the capital of the Indian state of Tripura, and conjointlyserved because the assembly of the Tripura legislature till 2011 and currently a deposit. Ujjayanta Palace could be a tourer attraction of Agartala, and tours area unit conducted by the Tripurabusiness enterprise Department. The Palace stands on the banks of alittle lake encircled by the luxurious leaf of Mughal gardens in Agartala, sprawling over twenty eight hectares of parcel of land, the exotic palace has many Hindu temples dedicated to Hindu deity Narayan, Uma-Maheshwari, Kali and Jagannathit's the biggest deposit in Northeast India covering a section of over 800 acres of land within the capital town, Ujjayanta Palace was the command hub till the erstwhile princely Tripura`s accession to India in Oct 1949.The deposit showcases the approach to life, arts, culture, tradition and utility crafts, beside the customs and practices of assorted communities residing in northeast India. The name Ujjayanta Palace was given by Rabindranath Tagore. The Palace was purchased from the house by the Tripura government in 1972-73 for Rs. 2.5 million, housed the statelegislature until July 2011. it absolutely was made between 1899 and 1901 by then Tripura king,maharajah Radha Kishore Manikya.
Tripura claims to be one among the oldest princely States of ancient India. The historical chapter of the royal house of Tripura, called the Manikya family line, began throughout the reign of maharajahOmaha Manikya, WHO ascended the throne, being topped in 1400 A.D., and was the primary ruler, started his governance of the State below the Royal title of Manikya. Ujjayanta Palace was originallyin-built 1862 by then king Ishan Chandra Manikya and it absolutely was blasted by a colossal quake in Gregorian calendar month 1897 then the Palace was engineered by maharajah Radha Kishore Manikya throughout 1899–1901 at a value of ten large integer (1 million) rupees despite moneyconstraints.The earlier royal palace of the dominion of Tripura was situated ten kilometre (6 mi)faraway from Agartala. However, the sooner palace was destroyed as a results of a devastating earthquake in 1897, and replaced with Ujjayanta Palace within the heart of Agartala town. The project,that price 1,000,000 rupees, was started in 1899, with construction by Martin & Burn Company, andcontinued for 2 years till finally being completed in 1901.Upon the merger of the dominion of Tripura with India in 1949, royal properties were nationalised. the most building in conjunction with the world of the palace was sold to the govt of Tripura throughout the amount of maharajahRadhakishor Manikya Bahadur and thence Ujjayanta Palace remained unoccupied for a few time before starting its role because the State Legislative. Building.Ujjayanta Palace compound covers a section of
 one km². the most block covers 800 acres , comprising public halls like the Throne space, the room hall, Library and also the Reception hall. Theneoclassic palace was designed by Sir Alexander Martin of Messrs Martin & Co. The Chinesespace is especially notable, the ceiling of that was crafted by artisans brought rom China. The palace incorporates a mixed style of design, the two-storied palace has 3 massive domes, the biggest of that is eighty six foot  high from the bottom,and that rests atop a four-storied central tower. The palace has covered floors and carven front doors. Newer attractions area unit the musical fountain put in before of the most entrance, and also the night-time floodlights. The groundsarea unit ordered out as formal Mughal gardens adorned with fountains.There area unit 2 massiveartificial ponds on either facet of the garden that is embellished with pools and fountains. the mostblock includes public halls Throne spaceroom hall, Library and also the Reception hall. A Chinesespace was later within the palace.Several Hindu temples occupy plots adjacent to Ujjayanta Palace, dedicated to Hindu deity Narayan, Uma-Maheshwari, Kali and Jagannath.From 1972 to 2011 the Palace remained as assembly of Tripura legislature till plans were in method to show the monument into Historical deposit.
Ujjayanta Palace was given seismal retrofitting to forestall it from potential earthquake injury beforecreating it a deposit at a value of Rs. one hundred million. it absolutely was the model of the Maharajah's palace in Tintin. it absolutely was purchased from the house by the Tripura government in 1972-73 and housed the Tripura legislature till July 2011.In realisation of a century-old dream, the country’s biggest royal mansion within the Northeast India, the Ujjayanta Palace, is that the home to the largest deposit within the region. The deposit showcases northeast India’s art, culture, history, tradition and ethnic diversity. The Tripura government’s depositthat was established in 1970 at the center of Agartala townin conjunction with the state archive has conjointly been shifted to the new deposit.A contention has erupted over the state government's projected move to rename Ujjayanta Palace, erstwhile royal abode of the Manikya kings, to Tripura State deposit.endemic Nationalist Party of Twipra, has written to vp Hamid Ansari (who can inaugurate the new museum) complaintive against the move, INPT objected to the move language deletion of the word 'Ujjayanta' is aimed toward pain sentiments of social group public of the state. Ujjayanta Palace served because the Tripura state legislature until 2011. The house is reportable to possess spent Rs one million despite money constraints at the time. Martin & Burn Company was allotted to makethe palace that was completed in 1901. the govt conjointly same it had already determined to makesculpture of Maharaj Radha Kishore Manikya at the deposit premises. The clarification, it appears, was created to finish the continued palace contention.The name of Ujjayanta Palace and also the restored deposit would be referred to as Tripura State deposit, Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala, the govt conjointly same it had already determined to make a sculpture of Maharaj Radha Kishore Manikya at the deposit premises. The clarification, it appears, was created to finish the continuedpalace contention.

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