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Siddhivinayak Temple , Mumbai

The Shree Siddhivinayak Ganesh Mandir could be a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shri's settled in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, geographic had been originally engineered by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil on November nineteen, 1801.It is one in every of the richest temples in metropolis.The temple incorporates a little mandap (hall) with the shrine for Siddhi Vinayak ("Ganesha World Health Organization grants your wish"). The picket doors to the sanctum ar inscribed with picturesof the Ashtavinayak (the eight manifestations of Ganapati in Maharashtra). The inner roof of the sanctum is plated with gold, and therefore the central sculpture is of Ganapatiwithin theboundarythere's a Hanuman temple also.The Siddhivinayak Mandir evolved from alittlelittle place of worship to the Grand Temple that stands these days within the later half the 20 th century.[citation needed] Temple glory was bought not solely by the politicians World Health Organization frequented the temple however additionally Bollywood film stars World Health Organization endlessly visit to hunt the blessings of Lord Ganapati.Siddhivinayak is accepted as "Navasacha Ganapati" or
"Navasala Pavanara Ganapati" ('Ganapati bestows whenever humbly genuinely prayed a wish' in Marathi) among devotees.IT was 
made onnineteen November 1801, the initial structure of the Siddhivinayak Temple was alittle three.6 m x 3.6 m sq. brick structure with a dome-shaped brick shikhara. The temple was engineered by the contractor Laxman Vithu Patil. The building was funded by a chic Agri girl named Deubai Patil. Childless, Deaubai engineered the temple in order that the Lord ought to grant youngsters toalternative barren girls. Ramakrishna Jambhekar Maharaj, an admirer of the Hindu saint AkkalkotHindu Samarth, buried 2 divine idols within the front of the presiding immortal of the temple on the orders on his guru. As prophesied by Hindu Samarth, once twenty one years once the burial of the icons, a mandar tree grew at that spot with a svayambhu Ganapati in its branches.The 2550 sq m temple complicated had 2 three.6 m Deepamalas, a building and lodging for the caretaker. It had Associate in Nursing contiguous lake thirty x forty sq. m. in size on the jap and southern facet of the temple. The lake, mammary gland by Nardulla within the early nineteenthcentury to counter the scarceness of water, was crammed up within the later years and therefore the land is no longer a part of the temple complicated. Around 1952, alittle Hanuman shrine was in-built the temple complicated for the Hanuman icon that was found throughout the road extension project of Sayani Road close to Elphinstone Road. within the Nineteen Fifties and 60s, the celebrityof the temple unfold and a major range of devotees began visiting. However, within the sameamount, the owner of the plot oversubscribed a number of the temple land, reducing thecomplicated space. After 1975, the quantity of devotees augmented dramatically.[3]The Siddhivinayak temple receives donations of around ₹100 million (US$1.5 million)–₹150 million (US$2.3 million) per annumthat makes it metropolis city's richest temple trust.[4] In 2004, the Siddhivinayak Ganpati Temple Trust, that operates the temple, was defendant of mismanaging donations. Consequently, the city judicature appointed a committee headed by retired decide V P Tipnis to scrutinize the trust's donations and probe the allegations.[The committee reported that, "The mostsurprising side of the matter isthat there's no methodology or principle followed for specificestablishmentsthe sole criteria for choice was recommendation or reference by trustees or the minister or a political heavy-weight, typically happiness to ruling party".In 2006 the city judicature directed the authorities, the Siddhivinayak Temple Trust and therefore the petitioner Keval Semlani to organize "suggestive guidelines" for exploitation the temple's trust funds.

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