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Nasiyan Jain Temple Ajmer
The notable Nasiyan religious belief Temple is  at Prithviraj Marg in Ajmer. When the temples of Ranakpur and Mount Abu, Nasiyan temple is  one amongst the simplest religious belief temples in Rajasthan. Nasiyan Jain Temple is additionally refer to as Lal Mandir (Red Temple). Centrally situated in Ajmer, the temple will be reached simply from anyplace in Rajasthan. Nasiyan Digambar religious belief Temple is devoted to Lord Adinath, the primary religious belief 'tirthankara'.
Nasiyan Jain Temple
The 2-storied structure of Nasiyan Temple is  into two elements. Wherever one is that the worship space comprising the idol of Lord Adinath and also the second is that the repository together with a hall. The repository hall gets the most important attention attributable to its incredibly interiors created up in gold. This exquisite repository depicts the 5 stages (Panch Kalyanak) within the lifetime of Lord Adinath, within the stature of statues. With the scale of forty x eighty feet, the hall is From with Kingdom of Belgium stain glass, mineral color paintings and stain glassware.
 The astonishing and unreproducible show of the shrine, is to  recognize, because the Golden Temple (Swarna Mandir). The focal hall is form amazing lovely with gold and silver decorations. Digambar religious belief Temple displays marvelous picket gild representations, glass engravings and paintings, recital the conviction of the Jainism with relevancy the creating of the planet. Festooned by precious stones, gold and silver work, the place is additionally termed as Soni Islamic Group Ki Nasiyan.
Nasiyan Jain Temple Ajmer
The celestial look of the temple creates a sort of divine aura that appeals to the mind of pilgrims.  However Within the inner prayer chamber, tiny silver balls hanging from the ceiling fully enrapture the looker-on.  The luxury interiors of the temple boast of the aesthetic and made style of the Digambar Jains.  Because Within the vein of different religious belief design, Nasiyan Temple has high fortifications skirting the temple advanced. Religious belief Temple receives devotees to Lord Adinath, from everywhere India.
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