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Nalanda (IAST: Nālandā; /naːlən̪d̪aː/) was AN acclaimed Mahavihara, an oversized Buddhist religious residence within the ancient kingdom of Magadha (modern-day Bihar) in India. the location is found regarding ninety five kilometres (59 mi) southeast of Patna close to the city of province Sharif, and was a centre of learning from the seventh century BCE to c. 1200 CE. :149 it's a UNESCO World Heritage website The extremely formalized strategies of religious writing learning helped inspire the institution of enormous teaching establishments like Taxila, Nalanda, and Vikramashila that ar typically characterized as India's early universities.:148:174:43:119 Nalanda flourished underneath the patronage of the Gupta Empire within the fifth and sixth centuries and later underneath Harsha, the emperor of Kannauj. :329 The liberal cultural traditions familial from the Gupta age resulted in an exceedingly amount of growth and prosperity till the ninth century. the next centuries were a time of gradual decline, a amount throughout that the Buddhism developments of Buddhism became most pronounced in jap India underneath the Pala Empire. :344 At its peak, the varsity attracted students and students from close to and much with some move all the manner from Sitsang, China, Korea, and Central Asia. :169 archaeologic proof additionally notes contact with the Shailendra family of Indonesia, one amongst whose kings engineered a religious residence within the advanced. a lot of of our information of Nalanda comes from the writings of pilgrim monks from East Asia like Xuanzang and Yijing World Health Organization traveled to the Mahavihara within the seventh century.
Vincent Smith remarked that "a elaborated history of Nalanda would be a history of Mahayanist Buddhism". several of the names listed by Xuanzang in his travelog as merchandise of Nalanda ar the names of these World Health Organization developed the philosophy of Mahayana. :334 All students at Nalanda studied Mahayana further because the texts of the eighteen (Hinayana) sects of Buddhism. Their syllabus additionally enclosed different subjects like the Vedas, logic, Indo-Aryan descriptive linguistics, drugs and Samkhya. :332–333 Nalanda was terribly probably plundered and destroyed by a military of the Mamluk family of the Muslim Delhi land underneath Bakhtiyar Khilji in c. 1200 CE. whereas some sources note that the Mahavihara continued  to perform in an exceedingly makeshift fashion for a moment longer, it absolutely was eventually abandoned and forgotten till the nineteenth century once the location was surveyed and preliminary excavations were conducted by the archaeologic Survey of India. Systematic excavations commenced in 1915 that unearthed eleven monasteries and 6 brick temples showing neatness organized on grounds twelve hectares (30 acres) in space. A hoarded wealth of sculptures, coins, seals, and inscriptions have additionally been discovered within the ruins several of that ar on show within the Nalanda archaeologic repository located near .
Nalanda is currently a notable traveler destination and a region of the Buddhist business enterprise circuit. variety of theories exist regarding the etymology of the name, Nālandā. per the Tang dynasty Chinese pilgrim, Xuanzang, it comes from sodium al,lllam dā which means without stopping in gifts or charity while not intermission. Yijing, another Chinese person, however, derives it from Nāga Nanda pertaining to the name (Nanda) of a snake (naga) within the native tank. :3 Hiranand Sastri, AN archeologist World Health Organization headed the excavation of the ruins, attributes the name to the abundance of nālas (lotus-stalks) within the space and believes that Nalanda would then represent the giver of lotus-stalks. Nalanda was at first a prosperous village by a significant trade route that ran through the near  town of Rajagriha (modern Rajgir) that was then the capital of Magadha. it's same that the Jainist thirthankara, Mahavira, spent fourteen rainy seasons at Nalanda. Siddhartha too is alleged to own delivered lectures in an exceedingly near  mango grove named Pavarika and one amongst his 2 chief disciples, Shariputra, was born within the space and later earned nirvana there. :148:328 This ancient association with Mahavira and Buddha tenuously dates the existence of the village to a minimum of the 5th–6th century BCE.

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