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The Sambhar Salt Lake, India's largest interior salt lake, a bowl form lake encircles historical Sambhar Lake city placed ninety six kilometre south west of the town of Jaipur (Northwest India) and sixty four kilometre north east of Ajmer on National road eight in Rajasthan.The lakes receives water from AN endorheic basin with 5700 sq. kilometre geographical area. it's not a part of the Ganga space|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} area and is geographically a separate land barred geographical region. 

The lake is truly an intensive saline land, with water depths unsteady from as few as sixty centimetres (24 in) throughout the time of year to regarding three meters (10 ft) once the monsoon season. It occupies a locality of one hundred ninety to 230 sq. kilometers, supported the season. it's AN elliptically formed lake thirty five.5 kilometre long with a breadth variable between three kilometre and eleven kilometre. it's placed in Nagaur and Jaipur districts and it conjointly borders the Ajmer district. The circumference of the lake is ninety six kilometre, encircled on all sides by the Aravali hills.

The Sambhar lake basin is split by a five.1 kilometre long dam made from sand stone. once salt water reaches an exact concentration, it'll be free from the facet|side} to the japanese side by lifting dam gates. To the east of the dam square measure salt evaporation ponds wherever salt has been farmed for m years. This japanese space is eighty km². and contains salt reservoirs, canals and salt pans separated by slender widges. To the east of the dam may be a railroad, engineered by country (before India’s independence) to supply access from Sambhar Lake town to the salt works.

The nearest airdrome is Sanganer and therefore the nearest railroad station is Sambhar. The water is fed to the lake from streams from the rivers Mendha, Runpangarh, Khandel and Karian. The Mendha and Rupangarh square measure main streams. The Mendha flows from south to north and therefore the Rupangarh flows from north to south.
Temperatures reach 40° Celsius|astronomer|uranologist|stargazer} in summer and occupy around 11° Celsius in winter.It is India's largest saline lake and is that the supply of most of Rajasthan's salt production. 
It produces 196,000 tonnes of unpolluted salt once a year, that equates to around Sept. 11 of India's salt production.[citation needed] Salt is made by evaporation method of brine and is generally managed by Shambar Salts Ltd.(SSL), a venture of the Hindustan Salts Ltd. and therefore the regime. SSL owns third of the japanese lake.There square measure thirty eight clusters of villages encompassing the lake. Major settlements embrace Sambhar, Gudha, Jabdinagar, Nawa, Jhak, Korsina, Jhapok, Kanseda, Kuni, Tyoda, Govindi, Nandha, Sinodiya, Arwik ki dhani, Khanadja, Khakharki, Kerwa ki dhani, Rajas, Jalwali ki dhani.Sambhar has been selected as a Ramsar web site (recognized land of international importance) as a result of the land may be a key wintering space for tens of thousands of flamingos and alternative birds that migrate from northern Asia. 

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