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Deeg was the capital of the soul kings before they shifted to Bharatpur. Badan Singh, engineered a palace here. attributable to its strategic location and proximity to metropolis, Deeg had to face continual attacks by invaders. His son, patrician Suraj Mal, began the development of a defense .
Deeg was a website of a legendary battle between the Jats and a combined Mughal and Maratha army. bold by his success, Suraj Mal began creating forays into enemy territory. once eight years of success in his forays, Suraj Mal captured urban center and looted the Red Fort carrying away plenty of valuables together with a complete marble building, that was demolished and numbered. The palace was then reconstructed at Deeg.

The soul rulers were influenced by the magnificence of the Mughal courts of metropolis and urban center. the planning of the gardens has been galvanized by the Mughal Charbagh. The palace forms a quadrangle with a garden and walkways at its centre. ornamental flowerbeds, shrubs, trees and fountains cool the place significantly throughout summer. 2 immense water tanks, Gopal Sagar and Rup Sagar, on either facet conjointly helped to bring down the temperature.
Elaborately filigreed gates, stone slabs, ornate beams, and marble jaalis from Mughal constructions are employed in the palace. A fine marble swing, rumoured to possess belonged to Nur Jahan, was brought as a war trophy from the Mughal court. The swing overlooks the gardens.

Keshav Bhawan, the monsoon tent, may be a single-storeyed baradari placed on associate polygonal shape base. It stands next to the Rup Sagar tank.The construction has 5 arches on all sides that appear to divide it in to elements. associate arcade runs round the interior of the tent over a canal with many fountains. The walls of the canal ar punctured with many minute water jets. Bullocks were utilized with massive animal skin "buckets" to draw water to the tank through a posh pulley-block system. In festivals like Holi, colors ar else to the water. little material pouches with organic colors were manually inserted into the holes within the reservoir wall. once the water flowed through them passing on associate Byzantine network of pipelines, the fountains spouted colored water.
The fountain spray and therefore the jets produce a monsoon-like atmosphere that's increased by a novel technique that produces thunder-like sound all round the tent. many metal balls placed strategically on the channel close the roof ar set rolling with the water pressure which ends up during a thunderous result. the atmosphere during a desert city should are vital for the soul kings and queens.

King's chamber contains a vast black granite bed of the maharajah. It had once served as a section of Parsi death rites, functioning as a platform for laundry dead bodies.

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