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Pahalgam may be a city and a notified space committee in Anantnag district of the Indian state of Jammu & Cashmereit's a preferred tourer destination, and each year, several tourists visit Pahalgam.[1] This world celebrated hill station is forty five kilometre. from the District Headquarters at Anantnag ANsettled on the banks of Lidder watercourse at an altitude of 7200 foot. from water level. Pahalgam is one of the 5 tehsils of Anantnag district and tehsil headquarters ar settled within the main city of Pahalgam. it had been once a tourer attraction and a favorite place for shooting offilm industry films,[2] and continues to be a health resort. Besides tourer huts, many hotelsprivately sector have return over here and these hotels give trendy facilities to their guests. varietyof treks during this region additionally begin from Pahalgam, because the thirty five kilometre pathtraverses through pinewoods to the spectacular Kolahoi ice mass.Pahalgam is additionally related to the annual Amarnath Yatra. Chandanwari (2,895 m), sixteenkilometre from Pahalgam, is that the place to begin of the yatra that takes place per annum within the month of Sawan (July to August). The road from Pahalgam to Chandanwari is on fairly flat parcel of land and may be undertaken by automobile. From Chandanwari forward the track becomes a lot of vessel, and is accessible on foot or by pony. concerning eleven kilometre from Chandanwari is that the mountain lake of Sheshnag (3,574 m), once thatthirteen kilometre away is that the last stop, Panchtarni. The Amarnath cave is vi kilometre from there. throughout the month of SawanANice cylinder forms a natural Shivling within the Amarnath cave.As of 2001 India census,[4] Pahalgam had a population of 5922. Males represent fifty six of the population and females a quarter mile. Pahalgam has a median attainment rate of thirty fifthbelow the Indian national average of fifty nine.5%: male attainment is forty ninthand feminine attainment is terrorist organization. In
14 July of the population is underneath vi years old-time.On quarter day, 2000, a minimum of 2folks as well as twenty three Amarnath pilgrims and a minimum of two police were killed once Kashmiri separatist terrorists threw hand grenades and attacked a edifice and police camp with tiny arms. Four police officers were suspended once a committee inquiry determined that 'excessive firing' by security forces contributed to casualties within the massacre.For effective management of the erstwhile Pahalgam Project Organization, the Pahalgam Development Authority is headed by a Chief military officer World Health Organization shall additionally operate as Administrator/Chairman of native city space Committee/Notified space Committee. this can be a locality of the commercial enterprise Department.The area holds a chic cowl of vegetation, the dominant forest consisting of conifers that account for over ninetieth. The principal species ar deodar cedargenus Pinus griffithii, genus Abies pindrow, dicot genus indica etc. the main shrubs ar rosid dicot genus heterantha, Viburnum spp., Sorbaria tomentosa etc. the bottom cowl is extremelymade and dicotyledonus herbs dominate: genus Rumex patientia, herb spp., anemone spp., etc.There ar several species of rare, vulnerable and guarded species. the most species ar hangul, musk deer, serow, brown bear, Leopard, macaque catarrhinegray Old World monkeymountain chain lagomorph, etc.Wild bears still cast a lot of of the realmand native villagers ar on constant alert for his or herpresence. owing to the constant threat of outlawed border crossings, the Indian army is usuallypatrolling the realm and is on constant high alert. because the native population cannot carry firearms, this has saved the bears from being afraid to extinction. With the abundance of recent trout within therivers and native domestic animalsthey need lots to eat. Monkeys additionally populate the realm.
The area homes an honest population of pheasants and upland birds aside from alternative species,each resident and migratory. The common birds ar Old World vulture, monal, snow cock, koklas, bluerock doveCashmere roller, European coraciiform bird, jungle crow etc.Kolohoi ice massplaced up the Lidder natural depressionjust under Kolhoi Peak is presently a dangling ice massit'saccessible from Pahalgam via Aru. it's glorious to possess extended for a minimum of thirty fivekilometre within the past.[5] it's essentially hollow out from warming, the Asian brown cloud, and native environmental factors related to mountain geophysicsin step with the mountaineers from Jawahar Institute of mountain climbing (JIM) in 2008, the ice mass has receded by 0.5 since 1985. The ice mass isn't safe to check as a result of it's hollow and in places has 200-foot-deep (61 m) crevices.


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